The Cocktail with no name

April 6, 2018
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April 6, 2018 razvan mijea

What You Need 


• 45ml – Don Julio Reposado Tequila
• 22.5ml –  Homemade Lime Shrub
• 15ml – G.E. Massenez Ginger Liquor
• 15ml – Fresh Lime Juice
• 60ml – Aloe Vera Juice


1. Mix the Cocktail: Combine the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and fill with big ice cubes.  Shake for 10 seconds to chill, aerate and dilute the cocktail.

2. Fine Strain the Cocktail: Fine strain the cocktail into a chilled collins  glass over cube ice.

3. Garnish the Cocktail: Squeeze lime oils on top and discard the peel, add a spring of rosemary as a garnish.

Homemade Lime Shrub

  1. 500 grams of castor sugar
  2. 500 grams left over limes fruits after squeezing.
  3. 200 ml fresh lime juice.
  4. 300 ml rice vinegar ( you can use all kinds of vinegars,  I personally prefer the rice one since it doesn’t bring more extra fruits note so I can extract only the flavor that I prefer).


Add into a airtight jar the first three ingredients and let it rest for 72 hours in a dry dark place shaking everyday to emulsify the ingredients together.  Add the rice vinegar and let sit again for 72 hours. Strain into a  bottle through coffee filter to remove all the fruit pulp and store it in the fridge up to 3 months.

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